We are Future Solutions.

Your future is in our hands

We at Future Solutions create solutions for you. With a focus on economic solutions, we aim to innovate and move the world forward. With the help of our services, we provide the global economic environment with new tools that will help companies reach a new level.

...and we strive to make it better

Change for the better is more important than change itself. What’s most important for us is improvement. The global economic landscape is vulnerable and we recognise the great responsibility we have in making sure that the solutions we create will only be used for good.

What is ARES?

A sign of the times

ARES is a whole new landmark in artificial intelligence. With a variety of application areas, we see ARES becoming the new standardised tool of managing your economic ventures.

In its essence, ARES is a multi management tool, manly used to analyse big data and transform into information that can be used to detect and define changes in economic structures and alike.

The way forward

We belivie in the future and we belivie in ARES. Together with the leading organisations in global economics, we will strive to change the world. We hope that you will join us in our ventures. Together we can change the future. Your future.

ARES has been tested and confirmed to be safe. It will safeguard your organisations's information and can only be used for economic ventures. Safety has always been our highest priority. We created ARES to help and it should only do just that.

The people behind Future Solutions

The board

Peter Timmgren
Founder & Partner

Maria Mattiasson

Miriam List
Marketing Director

Ines Ismail
Productions Manager

Hussein Öman
Human Resources

The creators of ARES

Carlos Garcia
Project Manager

Rebecca Nyman
Product Tester

Muhammed Ali

The Back-end Team